The Best Form of Omega 3 Fish Oils for Your Health

Omega 3 oils derived from fish have been in the news a lot lately due to all of the research verifying their many health promoting and disease preventing properties. What is not very well known however is that the form of supplemental fish oil is extremely important in terms of it’s efficacy.

New research has determined that the Triglyceride form of fish oil is the most therapeutically effective and is truly like like getting more fish on the dish!

The Health Benefits of Fish Oils: The importance of fish oils in human health cannot be overstated. These omega 3 fatty acids carry with them an expansive range of health benefits, including:

* Anti-inflammatory – useful for any inflammatory condition, such as arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, cystitis

* Immune system support – useful in the prevention of allergies, hay fever, asthma

* Heart health – beneficial in hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke prevention

* Supports a healthy lipid profile (total cholesterol, LDLs, HDLs)

* Essential for a healthy pregnancy and for the healthy brain development of infants

* Brain wellness support – favorable in improving mental clarity, focus, symptoms of depression

* Bone health – reduces urinary calcium excretion

* Beneficial in Type 2 Diabetes

* Supportive of skin health (acne, eczema, psoriasis)

* Instrumental for proper weight management

The Different Forms of Fish Oil:

The vast majority of fish oil concentrate products available on the market today are in a form called ethyl esters (EE).

Yet, this is not the form that nature gives us. The omega-3 fatty acids present in fish are almost exclusively present as triglycerides (TGs). TGs are fats that are made up of three fatty acids (i.e., EPA and DHA) linked to a glycerol backbone, which, just as the word “backbone” implies, helps to keep the fat stable.

Why the Triglyceride (TG) form of fish oils?
TG is the form of fish oils found in nature; the form that occurs in foods and in the body Research indicates that it is up to 100% more bioavailable than the ethyl ester (EE) form Easier to assimilate for people with impaired digestion and absorption TG form is more stable and thus, less prone to oxidation and production of free radicals (rancid = smelly!) than other EE, Mono and/or Diglyceride forms No post-digestion production of alcohol in the gut or blood stream as in the EE form Less susceptible to increasing free fatty acids in the blood, which may increase blood glucose

The True Triglyceride (TG) Advantage:

It appears that fish oils delivered in the form found in nature, are consistent with Paleolithic nutritional philosophy, and are of unmatched in potency.

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